Wellspring Capital Fund, a Fund

Our Holdings

Wellspring Capital Fund investments are held in real estate opportunities (farmland, apartment complexes, office buildings, hotels, etc.) and diversified investment funds. Recent investments include:

  • A Real Estate Investment Company that purchases and operates commercial retail and industrial properties in diversified, growing and stable metro markets.
  • A Company that makes private equity investments in small to medium sized operating companies in need of one or more of the following: a) growth capital, b) management, c) governance oversight, and/or d) financing.
  • A Company who has acquired development land in Georgia, Texas and Arizona. The company adds value to raw land by making the "development" ready when it is sold to residential and commercial developers.
  • Partnerships that specialize in the underwriting, acquisition and management of multifamily housing located in several Midwest cities.
  • An Investment Fund that makes subordinated ("mezzanine") debt and equity investments in lower middle-market, private companies located primarily in the Central U.S.
  • A Corporation providing receivables processing solutions that assist companies in streamlining their ability to capture a variety of payment methods.
  • A Partnership involved in funding and supporting early stage technology companies in the Midwest.
  • A Partnership with ownership in Omaha area commercial/industrial real estate.
  • A Private Equity Firm focused exclusively on lower middle market companies involved in a mix of growth equity, recapitalizations and management buyouts.
  • A Technology Company focused on saving businesses with enterprise applications dependent upon cloud computing and storage.